South Africa Travel Tips: Weather, Getting to and Around South Africa, Time Difference and Currency

Travelling in South Africa is a life changing experience. Before you plan your trip ensure you have read the following South Africa Travel Tips so you have all the information you need to make your journey an easier and more enjoyable one. Find out about the weather, how to get to and around in South Africa, the time difference and the currency.WeatherSouth Africa’s hottest and busiest time is during the UK winter months of November to March. This is also the busiest period for tourists and locals. For a cooler temperature and less busy period, the UK summer months of July and August are a good time to go. When I visited South Africa in July and August the weather was mainly sunny and warm but not too hot so this was the best time for me to travel. It was perfect for all activities. It was nice and quiet at this time too, and this is the cheapest time to visit. I made sure I read a lot of South Africa Travel Tips before I travelled to ensure I travelled at the best time for me, which was July and August as I prefer the milder temperatures.FlightsThe main airports are Johannesburg International Airport and Cape Town International. Flights normally take 12 hours. I flew from Manchester to Amsterdam to Johannesburg on the way there, and on the way back from Cape Town (extra £50 and extra 2 hours) to Johannesburg, to Amsterdam back to Manchester. On the way there this took about 12 hours and was all during the day so left first thing in the morning and got there in the evening, but on the way back I spent about 36 hours getting home as I had long delays between my different connections. I found Johannesburg very busy and had in fact managed to collect a lot more luggage than I started out with, but there is a place to store your luggage in the basement so you can wait for your flight without carrying all your bags around with you.Getting aroundAs a general guide, public transport in South Africa isn’t very reliable but the roads are good so it’s easy to hire a car, or the Baz Bus is a very affordable hop-on-hop-off bus service for backpackers which is an excellent way to meet like minded people. You can also book an organised tour which can also be very economical. I used all three methods of transport during my travels. I started off with an organised tour which was a great way to ease me into travelling alone as you get to know new people really well, then I used the Baz Bus and met hundreds of people all travelling the same route as me, then I hired a car with 2 of the people I had become friends with on the trip. This was a great way to see South Africa by splitting the cost and having more freedom to go where we wanted to. The best South Africa Travel Tip I can give you is to make sure you trust people before putting yourself in vulnerable positions.Time DifferenceSouth Africa is 2 hours ahead of GMT and 1 hour ahead of BST, so when I travelled in the summer, I only had a time difference of 1 hour. That was excellent as it meant no jet lag!CurrencyThe South African currency is the Rand (R). At the time of writing the Rand is weaker than the pound, Euro and Dollar which means you get a lot for your money. Eating out, accommodation and top attractions will be very affordable. Credit Cards can be used in most areas. I remember staying in the most beautiful hostel in the Drakensburg Mountains having a room to myself with gorgeous views, all for the equivalent of about £3 per night. There are many hostel reviews online you can read to decide where to stay. I ate out most nights and the quality of food was excellent in most places for very little money.I hope these South Africa Travel tips will help you to plan the holiday of your dreams.

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Real Estate Investing – Real Estate Investments Around the World

Real estate is a legal term that refers to any property along with the land on which that property stands on.The legality of the term real estate heavily relies upon the jurisdiction which it falls under. The most notable jurisdictions are; U.S.A, U.K, Canada and Australia.Financial muscles must be stretched so that a corporation can invest in real estate since this investment has become such a major area of business.Real estate has with time undergone a metamorphosis into distinct classifications that has had investors to call in specialists to facilitate deals on their behalf or valuate the investment.Listed below is a breakdown of the distinct fields of real estate investments:1. Appraisals- This is where professionals offer their specialty to valuate the investments.
2. Property Management- In this category the owner leaves their property for other specialists to manage it on their behalf and a certain commission is chargeable.
3. Brokerages- In this field a mediator will facilitate a deal between two parties and in return they charge a fee for the deal.
4. Real Estate Investing: This is where a person or company manages a real estate investment.
5. Real Estate Marketing-The sales side of the investment is managed by a professional in this field.
6. Development- This is improving the investment by either adding or replacing buildings on that land.
7. Corporate Real Estate- Here a real estate is managed not for income purposes but to support its core business.
8. Relocation Services-This is relocating people or business to other countries for expansion of the business.Basically almost all construction business has a connection to real estateIn the recent past economists have seen that lack of real estate laws can in a greater perspective affect or hinder real estate investment in developing countries. In that light a country like India is currently in the process of establishing definitive legislations that will see the smooth functioning of real estate investment.In addition, Pakistan is in the process of implementing a regulatory framework that will help soften the ownership of real estate investments by foreign corporations. Pakistan is as at of now witnessing foreign real estate development mostly Dubai and Malaysia based companies.In five years time Pakistan will have drawn three million dollars from foreign investors.Real estate investment is finally a major case of capital budgeting this by using analysis that incorporates future streams of income that it will generate and the risks associated with it.

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Why Real Estate Investing is Better Now Rather Than Later

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