Understanding the Role of Employment Solicitors in Employment Claims

Employment solicitors serve an important role in handling employment related issues either by helping to resolve employer-employee conflicts or by helping in the formulation of recruitment policies. Because employment law is a specialized area of the law that covers almost all aspects of the employee-employer relationship, it is important to seek employment advice from experts who can specifically address your needs either as an employee or as an employer.Before seeking the advice of employment solicitors though, it is important to have at least a basic knowledge of employment law to be able to establish whether a violation of the law has occurred.Employment solicitors help employees by advising them on how to position their case against their employer and telling them how to gather evidence to substantiate a breach in their rights thus increasing the likelihood of a swift and successful outcome of their claims.Employment solicitors help employers in the same way by advising them on how to avoid scenarios that would allow employees to make claims against them. By providing a solid set of guidelines or a procedural guide specifically tailored for them, employment solicitors ensure that employers do not find themselves in situations where they have to face employment claims.Good employment solicitors should be able to provide advice or professional assistance in the following employment areas or issues: Work discrimination whether it be against age, race, disability, sex or sexual orientation, paternity or maternity, or religious or non-religious disputes
Maternity and paternity issues especially with regards to providing flexible working arrangements or arranging for family leaves
Grievance and disciplinary proceedings including preparation for the hearing, case analysis, instructions on how to properly respond during the case, etc.
Redundancy and all aspects arising from it
Harassment at work
Employment dismissal whether regarded as unfair, constructive or wrongful in varying circumstances that claimants find themselves in
Dealing with contract disputes or negotiating contract terms
Negotiating compromise agreements
Providing a risk management report which would include plans to improve observance and proper implementation of employment law
Providing employment manuals
Employee recruitment and the resolution of problems in recruitment issues
Providing insurance coverIn searching for good employment solicitors, it is important to look for the best employment advice that is worth your money. Often the cheapest options come from inexperienced lawyers who lack the practical knowledge and abilities necessary to put your best interests forward. Look for employment solicitors who can take the time to properly understand your case and talk to you in a way that you can easily understand.

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